Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Us (and You!)

CHICKS ROCK! is a program of The Women’s Mosaic® (TWM) that provides a vehicle for women to share their experiences related to diversity and personal growth. Whether through live events, our eNewsletter, website or this blog, the mission of TWM seeks to educate, inspire, and motivate women of all backgrounds to express their full power and potential in the world.

By creating this interactive and supportive space, we hope to expand our work of fostering positive social change by empowering women to unite through their individual and collective voices. What all of us (women and some rockin’ men too!) have in common is a desire to connect with each other, gain new perspectives and challenge ourselves to grow.

If you fit this description, then we want you to be a part of our community!

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If a post sparks your interest, we encourage you to speak up by leaving a comment (just make sure you read our comment policy first).

On Fridays, we’ll be posting reviews, reflecting on events we attend, and stirring up debate with some hot topics. If you have suggestions for any of this, get more details on Friday Features and Friday Forums and send us your ideas.

We’ll also be featuring some great guest bloggers, and invite you to add your point of view or a perspective that’s missing from the blog. We’ve posted a set of guidelines that can help you write your post.

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Disclaimer: Blog entries express the opinions of the respective Bloggers/Contributors/Authors/Commenters solely, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Women's Mosaic. As host and manager of CHICKS ROCK!, TWM acts solely as a provider of access to the internet and not as publisher of the content contained in bloggers' posts and cannot confirm the accuracy or reliability of individual entries. Each participant is solely responsible for the information, analysis and/or recommendations contained in her blog posts.
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