Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Comment Policy

Because we strive for unity through diversity, we welcome a wide range of viewpoints on all of the subjects we raise. We think that differences of opinion can often lead to great discussion, new perspectives and a deeper understanding of one another. Keeping an open mind is the best way to achieve this.

Bloggers and readers all make up the CHICKS ROCK! community. We don't expect you to agree with all of us, or each other, all the time. But we do expect you to respect all of us, and each other, all the time.

We don't want to police comments, but in order to promote debate and discussion, we reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive to the bloggers and our readers. These include: offensive slurs, harassment aimed at specific bloggers or readers, or threats of any kind. If we find that you've posted something questionable, we'll let you know so you're aware when leaving future comments.

Each blogger is responsible for moderating the comments on her own post, but if you see something you think violates the Comment Policy, please email, and include the title of the post and the full comment.

Disclaimer: Blog entries express the opinions of the respective Bloggers/Contributors/Authors/Commenters solely, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Women's Mosaic. As host and manager of CHICKS ROCK!, TWM acts solely as a provider of access to the internet and not as publisher of the content contained in bloggers' posts and cannot confirm the accuracy or reliability of individual entries. Each participant is solely responsible for the information, analysis and/or recommendations contained in her blog posts.
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