Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Forum: Visioning Reflections

In anticipation of tomorrow's Visioning Workshop, we wanted to hear from you!

For those of you who have participated in the Visioning Workshop, what was your experience like? Kelly shared her story yesterday, but we know there are many more out there.

For those who haven't participated or who'll be attending for the first time tomorrow, do you have any expectations, or questions you need answered?

Sometimes the roadmap we have for our own lives gets a little blurry, and the Visioning Workshop is a great way to focus it again. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


sally said...

My first collage had two and three of everything, everywhere. I had no idea what it meant at the time, but less than a year later I was engaged and living with my fiance. When I looked at my collage again, I realized it was all about shifting away from being the eldest of three, to being with my fiance in our own space.

Kekla Magoon said...

One of my collages had gorgeous landscape images - mountains, rivers, ocean, etc. They were beautiful to me, but discouraging because I thought there was no chance I'd be traveling anywhere scenic anytime soon. Within a month, a friend spontaneously invited me to visit her family in Vancouver, British Colombia. The collage inspired me to take time off work and go. I saw plenty of ocean and mountains and enjoyed one of the best weeks of my life!

Jen Bird said...

I made two collages as part of Kristina's workshops and both of them are hanging up in frames in my bedroom as a joyful reminder of everything to come. My first collage was filled with images of creativity and friends and romance and I went on to spend a year taking acting classes, comedy classes, dating and expanding my social network. Both of the collages serve as a reminder of situations and activities that speak to me and what I want more of in my life. Plus they were totally fun to put together!

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