Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Expectations and Celebrations

I've never been one to make a big deal about birthday celebrations. To me, birthdays are a great time to be a wee bit lazy and a bit more selfish than usual. But all the partying and planning just exhausts me before the day even comes. Depending on how many social circles somebody has and how they mix together, there could be a number of smaller events to plan as well. It seems to me, though, that plans always fall through no matter how simple or elaborate they are, and the disappointment that comes with that is never worth it, in my opinion.

This is what I kept telling people this year as they constantly asked me what I was planning for my big day. They all insisted I do something, but almost every attempt I made fell apart days or even hours before. In the end, I just let it all go and stuck to my gut. I knew I didn't want any hassles, and that I'd be perfectly happy with some quiet time and a break for my brain, so that's what I went with.

Because of that, I had a great birthday this year! I had dinner one night with my sorority sisters, and I relaxed for the rest of weekend with my sisters and my guy. We spent the entire weekend drinking wine, watching movies, eating pizza, and all the seemingly boring but actually pleasurable things I never have time to do.

So even though the days leading up to my "celebration" were more stressful than I would've liked, I'm happy that I got to spend a quiet weekend with the people I love most.

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