Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roller Coasters and Life

I recently went to an amusement park and re-discovered my love for roller coasters. The whole process of waiting on line, (my least favorite aspect, especially when the wait is long and the weather is unbearably hot) getting strapped to your seat, accelerating forward, the ride itself, and then the feeling of triumph after it is all over was an experience that constantly that day, and it made me think about how we should always do something that makes us step out of our comfort zone. Even when I remembered news reports of malfunctioning equipment that caused injuries and even death at amusement parks as I waited on line to ride for each ride, I quickly swept my worries away to enjoy the day.

After each roller coaster, I realized how much each ride on them reminded me of how life can be. There is a beginning, middle, and end, and it all goes by so fast; in between there twists and turns that catch us off guard, but ultimately we can survive and conquer our fears if we are smart; and life really is what you make of it. Some people hold their arms up on roller coasters and enjoy the ride, others close their eyes and wait for the experience to end, some refuse to go on any rides that frighten them, and then there are those who aren’t ready to raise their arms up, but they are getting there. I find myself in the latter category when it comes to roller coasters and life. I am willing to take chances and risks that will challenge me, but there is always some dread and fear on my part before it actually happens. I will continue to face my fears and challenge myself, even when my laziness attempts to get the best of me.

I am preparing myself for more roller coasters in the near future. In life, I think we all should prepare for the unexpected and challenging, if we haven’t already.

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