Monday, September 13, 2010

Revealing A New Vision

I attended The Women's Mosaic Visioning Workshop this weekend. Even though I've participated in this semi-annual event perhaps a dozen times, creating a new collage is always a unique and meaningful experience.

We had a very full room of women participating, which meant lots of collective energy and lots of different visions coming to life. It was exciting to have a majority of first timers, too! When we gathered at the end to share our posters with each other, I found myself puzzling less over my own collage than usual, and feeling more engaged with what other people had chosen to focus on in their pieces.

From my perspective, our vision board revelations--no matter how varied--tend to fall into two categories: I'll call them "external" and "internal." Sometimes, parts of the collage speak to our external needs and desires--job/career, lifestyle, home, travel, appearance and image, health, relationships, friendships, family. Things that change tangibly, that you can touch or aspire toward. Other parts of the collage speak to our internal evolution--affirmation, self-acceptance, self-nurture, vulnerabilites, emotional growth and all sorts of intangible realizations that help us understand and embrace ourselves as individuals.

No matter what my own collage has to say each year, it always reminds me to keep thinking about who I am and where I fit in the world. It reminds me to touch base with the deeper parts of myself that sometimes get shut down in favor of practicality and problems and day-to-day life distractions that eat up time and energy. It reminds me to keep dreaming and to keep breathing and to continue becoming myself in every way possible.

Any visioners out there with collage stories to share?

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