Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carving Out Some "Me" Time

I don't know about you, but sometimes I think the universe and the scheduling gods are laughing at me. After months and months of non-stop plans (happy hours, birthday parties, dates, work and more work, etc.), I decided this past weekend that I was going to make a conscious effort to not make plans for the next couple of weeks. With my birthday coming up, I knew things would get hectic again in the beginning of April, so I wanted some time off.

That was a great decision for me to make, and a hard one at that, except that when I looked at my calendar, I noticed I already have plans for all four remaining weekend days in March, and for several weekdays between now and the 31st. I'm on two workshop panels, I'm covering an event on body image, I'm celebrating at least one birthday (details are being finalized for another), and I've got two concerts and a musical to attend. Then there are all the people I've tentatively made plans with, who I might try to push until my birthday so I can see them all at once.

People keep telling me to stop complaining and to enjoy the fact that I'm young and so active, but it's hard to do that when all I really want is a few days to myself. What would I do on these days, you ask? Well, I could catch up on my writing, go for a run, take a hot yoga class, and maybe bake a batch of brownies or something. Just some good old "me" time, you know?

Hopefully I'll be able to take the time to do just that in a few weeks. Until then, I'm going to figure out how to squeeze more hours into the day...

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