Thursday, July 28, 2011

TWM Top 10 Fun Facts & Highlights

Since we are celebrating TWM's 10th Anniversary, we thought we'd look back and remember some fun facts and highlights throughout the years!

On January 24, 2001, 30 diverse women gathered at TaiPei Noodle House to celebrate the Lunar New Year and launching of The Women's Mosaic®. Since then we've offered over 95 unique activities and events to over 5000 women enabling them to connect to themselves, each other and the world around them!

Countries, cultures and topics include: Haiti, India, Zimbabwe, Iraq, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Greece, Japan, Israel/Palestine, Tibet, Sweden, Spain, Body Image, Books, Health & Wellness, Religion, Politics and Personal Growth.

One year after 9/11, TWM's My Life as a Muslim Woman gathered nine ethnically diverse Muslim women to talk about who they are and how their religion influences their everyday lives. The event dispelled myths and stereotypes about Islam and united the NYC Muslim community in the process. One of those panelists was Daisy Khan, who, along with her husband Imam Feisal, has since become a national leader and voice for American-Muslim relations.

Some notable women who have contributed to the world of TWM: Terrie Williams, Adaora Udoji, and Sandra Endo moderated our panels; Sarah Jones and cast members from PBS' Colonial House spoke to us; Kekla Magoon started out right out of college with us as a volunteer grant writer and is now an award-winning Young Adult Author; Politics Schmolitics panelist Regina Calcaterra first talked publicly about her experience in the foster care system that night and ran for State Senate six years later using her story as part of her platform; Randi Zuckerberg interned with TWM working on our Spotlight on Sri Lanka event and One Hot Havana Night Fundraiser, and is now part of her brother's empire!

Hopping on the "Kill Bill" and "Last Samurai" bandwagon, CNN's Jeanne Moos covers TWM's Unleash the Woman Warrior in You workshop, giving us national television exposure.

TWM's Founder, Kristina Leonardi is listed as one of Hispanic Magazine's 2004 Top Latinas, receives Tango Diva's 2007 Visionary Award and honored as one of the WNBA's NY Liberty 2009 Inspiring Women and was shown on the jumbotron at MSG!

TWM's panelists for My Life as a Female Soldier in Iraq were scheduled to be featured on WB11's Morning News but were bumped at the last minute due to breaking news of the Eliot Spitzer scandal!

TWM launches CHICKS ROCK! our blog for women to express their experiences related to diversity and personal growth on September 18, 2008, the same day as the Black Monday stock market crash. But we have not missed a week since then with over 750 posts to date!

In 2004 TWM prints its first issue of INSPIRER, a more detailed look at our events, with two more editions to follow. Our second edition features testimonials from then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Cosmo Magazine founder Helen Gurley Brown

TWM grew out of a Visioning Workshop, that we have since offered every year for the past 10 years: 22 workshops to date with businesses, babies, makeovers, moves and more all manifesting as a result! Women have traveled from Indiana, Michigan and DC just to attend!

TWM's 10th Anniversary Moroccan Magic Fundraiser took place on Tuesday, July 26th to celebrate all this and more! There was a Bellydance lesson and performance, live magician, silent auction and fun with friends old and new!

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