Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Space Travel Expands

When I heard the other day that a private company has made it possible for more individuals to take part in commercial space travel, I was both surprised and not surprised. Like everyone else, I have heard and seen news reports over the years discussing the growth of space travel so that many more private citizens with the funds to do so can make their dreams to be in space for themselves a reality.

To date, there have only been a handful of individuals who have travelled to space as private travelers, and they have all gone to and from the International Space Station. If I am ever in the position to go to space myself, it would be great to go there, but I would love to tour our solar system. I know this is will not happen in my lifetime, but I would like to think future generations would have the option to take a private spacecraft to see most (if not all) of our neighboring planets. Actually stepping down on any other planet’s surface seems like something much far off than just touring the solar system.

I can understand the appeal and the apprehension about space travel; the latter because of the great unknown being frightening to think of at times; after all, we cannot breathe without assistance with machines out there, and while an absence of gravity might be nice at times so we can float from room to room in a roomy spacecraft, it can be annoying if you try to drink a glass of water and the liquid does not make it into your mouth. Still, I cannot imagine refusing the chance to go to space because of these reasons. Of course I would like to see space travel expand so more safety precautions can be perfected. I suppose it was the same for those who were getting used to air travel a century ago.

Would you go to space if you had the chance?

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