Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Life in Paris

I've been in Paris for almost a month now and have yet to bake anything, which has made me feel like it isn't really "home" yet. Today that changed. I thought to myself "what would I make if Kim [Conte] came to visit?" and I knew it had to be something from David Lebovitz's The Sweet Life in Paris.

ingredients for david lebovitz recipe
I refuse to admit how long it took me to translate my ingredients to French. 
Sadly, I'm staying in an apartment that has a working oven (YAY!) but no mixing bowls, measuring cups, scales, whisk, or adequate baking dishes (BOO!). So: Challenge.

Kim once said that she loves how I don't fret or panic in situations like these and I felt so touched, I never forgot it. Today, remembering that made me feel like Kim was in the kitchen with me, encouraging me to make it through this ridiculous challenge.
beating egg whites with fork
This is when I started talking to my egg whites. In bad French. "Mes oeufs! Vas-y!"
When it took me 30 minutes to decide that the amount of sugar I measured looked close to 1/3 cup and when I thought my arm would fall off trying to beat my eggs into submission with a fork, I thought maybe this was the worst idea ever. But I kept thinking of Kim and I stuck to it.

And the results? Delicious.
The Sweet Life in Paris: chocolate cake and salted butter caramel sauce
The Sweet Life in Paris: chocolate cake and salted butter caramel sauce.
I have no idea what David's (I decided we were on a first name basis somewhere between frothy eggs whites and soft peaks) gâteau Thérèse, chocolate cake, and caramel au beurre salé, salted butter caramel sauce, are supposed to look and taste like, but my dessert was delightfully delectable.

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