Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Notable Women of TWM.. are YOU one of them?


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Women's History Month 2013

There have been hundreds of women with stories of how TWM has impacted and empowered them over the years - whether they were inspired, motivated or educated by an event they attended, a person they met, or the exposure and skills they were able to develop as a volunteer or intern with us.
So before the month is over we thought we'd share with you 12 notable ladies (+1 for good luck!) who got their start, shared a unique milestone, or have been connected to TWM over the 12 years we've been around.
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Regina Calcaterra - A panelist at our 2004 Politics Schmolitics event who shared her very personal story for the first time that night, and went on to run for State Senator and just published her memoir
Sandra Endo - Was an anchor for NY1 News at the time she moderated our Politics Schmolitics event and is now a correspondent with CNN
Galia Gichon - One of TWM's first official members, spoke at our inaugural ESP Conference at the start of her business and is now a nationally recognized personal finance expert
Kirsten Gillibrand - Was a fan and friend of TWM as a lawyer, and was planning on speaking to our group as a Congresswoman in Spring of 2008 before she was catapulted into the national spotlight replacing Hillary Clinton as New York's Senator
Sarah Jones - Gave her first private 'talk back' to our group after performing her highly acclaimed one-woman show Bridge & Tunnel
Daisy Khan - A panelist for our 2002 My Life as a Muslim Woman event while she was still working in corporate America, she has gone on to become a recognized and sought-after voice for the Muslim community on the national stage
Kekla Magoon - Came to us as a volunteer right out of college and contributed greatly to TWM in numerous ways before becoming an award-winning YA author on the rise
Lindsey Pollak - A friend and early member of TWM has become a nationally recognized Gen Y Workplace expert and LinkedIn Spokesperson
Bridgette Raes - Gave one of her first presentations as a personal style expert at our 2004 Be Your Best Self event and went on to publish a book and make several TV appearances
Terrie Williams - This well-known author, mentor, and businesswoman moderated 2006's My Life as a Black Woman event and has always been a supporter of TWM's work
Adaora Udoji - A friend of TWM, this award-winning journalist moderated 2008's My Life as a Female Soldier in Iraq event
Alisa Vitti - One of her earliest speaking engagements was a TWM ESP Conference in 2006; she just came out with a book and made her national debut on Dr.Oz
Randi Zuckerberg - Was a volunteer with TWM in 2005, helping to organize our Spotlight on Sri Lanka event and One Hot Havana Night fundraiser and then went on to work with her brother when Facebook took the world by storm...
kathy griffin tiffany

And here are just some of the other fabulous women we've met in person along the way who are proud owners of a CHICKS ROCK! button, TWM key chain or INSPIRER Newsletter:
Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Madeline Albright, Pat Mitchell, Geena Davis, Brooke Shields, Helen Gurley Brown, Kathy Griffin, Soledad O'Brien, Martha Beck, Eve Ensler, Arianna Huffington, Elizabeth Gilbert, Candace Bushnell, Erica Jong, Marie Wilson, Maria Shriver, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Lesser, Rosario Dawson, Marlee Matlin, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, Phylicia Rashad, Ivanka Trump, Rachel Ray

Who did we forget?
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