Friday, January 24, 2014

Dealing With The Extreme Cold

While dealing with another bout of frigid weather this month, I am even more determined not to let it affect my mood. I became a little paranoid a week before Christmas, when I fell on a patch of ice and sprained my arm. While I am relieved that the injury was only minor, I still feel anxious whenever I go outside to deal with the icy walking and driving conditions. Like so many of you, the heavy winds, shorter days, and less sunlight makes me wish I could hibernate all winter long. Since that is not practical or healthy, I have found other ways to prevent the cold from making me physically and emotionally immobile.

1. I make sure to get outside during the day, even if it is for a few minutes at a time. If I don't make it outside when the sun is shining, I feel lethargic. When the sunshine is obscured by clouds or fog throughout the day, then the next step is essential for me to combat sluggishness.

2. Everyone knows exercise is key for overall health. I try to run up and down stairs or do jumping jacks if I don't have a chance to do a proper work out, and it can be for 5-10 minutes several times a day. I find that it is helpful when I am working in front of my laptop for long periods of time. No fancy exercise equipment required!

3. Doing something new at least once a week is very important to me too. It doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or anything too elaborate; as long as I gain a new experience, it's completely worth it. I recently attended a free cooking competition between two top chefs, which I had never done before. I have also visited previously unseen parks, window-shopped at new stores, and seen unique movies and musical performances I find online that seem interesting. I just like how new stimuli keeps me interested in the outside world, even when the weather can be a big obstacle.

What do you do to combat the winter cold?

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