Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Forum: Are Youth Apathetic?

It seems that people often bring up the issue of young people's apathy to politics, social change, societal issues, etc. Yet, youth voter turnout is on the rise, and there has been some anecdotal commentary on the impact youth have on global issues (such as Darfur, for example.)

Do you agree that there is some apathy in American youth? Or, do you think that this sentiment is wrong? Is there an intergenerational divide causing this perception?

We'd love to hear your thoughts!


Pauline Karakat said...

There is definitely apathy among many young people in our country, even though the voter turnout for the recent presidential election gives me hope that all is not lost. Many kids are falling prey to materialism, and their parents are going down with them by giving in to their demands. This excessive materialism has created apathy and insatiability in many young people, and it should be checked. Again, it goes back to parents and other family members, as well as society as a whole. Major changes need to be made to ensure that apathy doesn't become the prevailing force in young people's lives. I am just not sure where to begin.

Original Designer Woman said...

I totally agree...

The youth of America realize that they are truly the future of the millennium. I remember as a child my grandparents often told me that I was the future but they were wrong it is my children and their children who are the future of 2000 and beyond!

Therefore they must be educated on voter’s rights and politics and business so that they can move us forward!

I think they are on the right path finally!

Schvonche said...

My first year of teaching high school in Michigan, I started an after-school club called Be the Change. The club provided a space to learn about and discuss topics that students felt they weren't learning about in school - war and peace, religion, sexuality, materialism and consumption, GMOs vs. organic food, etc. I was shocked by the turnout we had over the 3 years the club existed - it completely proved the idea of youth apathy wrong. Of course, there will always be people who don't care, but you'll find that in adults as well. If you provide a comfortable format for young people to learn about and express themselves on current events and issues, their apathy turns into action.

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