Thursday, August 20, 2009

Link Love for 8/20

It's around that time again when we check out what our favorite blogs are up to and throw some link love. Remember that you can leave a link in the comments with something great you've read or written lately so folks can check it out -- it doesn't need to be a blog post, any writing will do. On to the link love:

Deborah over at Girl w/Pen announced a while back that she was pregnant, and has an honest post up about her current fears.

In Good Company has an interesting post up about how karma does (or doesn't) work in business.

Lindsey Pollak's blog has a guest post with tips geared at young job-seekers, but which can really apply to anybody.

NYWSE Chapter blog wants everyone to take a look at the circumstances around them and learn to adapt in order to succeed.

Savvy Ladies shares some tips for how much you should be saving each month, whether your income is fixed or fluctuates.

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