Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Commute Disrupted

I recently started a new job and with that new job comes a new commute. It’s much closer to my home than my previous job; a 15-minute walk, to be exact. When I first realized this, I got really excited. I love walking and have been known to walk to and from my previous job during nice weather, even if it was a 50- to 60-minute walk. But now that I’ve actually tried out this commute, it occurs to me that there was something I was forgetting: reading.

You see, I normally do most of my reading on my commute to work. A 30-minute ride in public transportation is great for getting through a couple of chapters in a good book. A 15-minute walk, however, would be quite dangerous if there were any books thrown into the mix. I tried taking the bus this morning in the hopes that I could get through at least a few pages, but the bus ride was only 10 minutes long – not even enough time to get back into my book.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t make me less excited about starting my new job. My job will be fun and the people seem great, but what on earth is a bookworm to do without a commute during which to read her books?!

I suppose it doesn’t help that my schedule in general for the past two weeks has been even more hectic than usual. Or that the next two weeks will continue to be just as bad. Usually, this amount of pressure and stress is easily alleviated with a good dose of reading at the start and end of my days.

How will I find the time to do what I love doing most? Any suggestions?

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