Thursday, June 2, 2011

Link Love for 6/2

There's been a lot of great stuff to read out there, so let's jump right in with the links, shall we?

Awaken Your CAREERpreneur gives real-life examples of how choosing something that seems off-course may be the best decision in the end.

Downtown Dharma reviews the movie Bridesmaids and offers a good life lesson we can all take away from it.

Girl w/Pen looks at something that affects all of us and our expectations for ourselves: stereotype threat.

In Good Company considers different ways of looking at entrepreneurship and what it means to make that choice based on the life you want.

Lindsey Pollak has a great strategy and helpful tips for getting a job by trying out (wait for it) blogging.

The Woodhull Institute's blog featured what sounds like a great book! It looks at what events in a woman's life impacts her happiness and self-confidence.

That's all we've got for today. What have you been reading and writing online? Leave links in the comments.

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