Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Surroundings

I've now been living in my new apartment and neighborhood for almost two months, and I am finally getting to a place where it feels like home.

Despite the fact that a few of my Queens friends still feel I betrayed them by moving to Brooklyn, they've joined me in getting to know the neighborhood. For example, one friend took the time to organize a Brooklyn bar crawl, insisting that it would be a great way to start that process. She was right, of course, as we walked, ate, and drank our way through Brooklyn neighborhoods. Going to Target First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum was also a lot of fun. While I had been there before, this was my first trip there since moving here and it was great to have people stop at my apartment first, walk over, and then eat out at a local spot afterward.

I've spent significantly less time in my own apartment. Between having friends inconveniently located an hour or so away and not having air conditioning through one of the hottest summers ever, it often made more sense to stay out rather than to take the trip back home.

Well... at least that was the case before this past weekend when the threatening hurricane gave my roommates and I a chance to spend nearly 48 uninterrupted hours together, give or take a few hours for sleeping. We watched movies, talked about dates and relationships, and generally got to know each other a bit better while also cooking and making cocktails together. I still haven't taken advantage of my awesome backyard, but I'll be sure to do that before it gets chillier.

All in all, I think I'm doing a good job adapting to my new surroundings. How do you go about adjusting to a new place?

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