Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Days, Summer Nights

The end of the summer isn't normally something I feel any particular way about. I'm sad that the carefree feeling that comes with the summer months will be gone, but I look forward to the fall and getting to spend time outside without being so uncomfortable. I guess it's because for me, summer isn't that different from the rest of the year the way it once was when we were in school. Aside from taking advantage of free events in the city, I don't do much in the summer I can't do at other times.

But this year, I've done some "summery" things I don't normally do and it's got me thinking about the end of summer. For starters, I actually went on vacation a couple of times, which isn't something I normally do and kickstarted the summer feeling. It also happened that I got a lot of sun this summer because I went to the pool and beach for the first time in years. I did some of my usual summer in the city activities like Shakespeare in the Park and outdoor movies in the park. All in all, it felt like I took advantage of what the summer is supposed to offer.

Now that it's almost over, I've made an end of summer wishlist. I want to squeeze in a few more things I may not be able to do as easily in the fall: shows with limited engagement, weekend trips I can extend with summer Fridays, etc. I suddenly understand what other people mean when they feel summer slipping by. 

Do you have anything on your end of summer wishlist?

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