Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year So Far

As 2011 ceased to be and 2012 took its place, I felt a sense of optimism for the future. I think I was just glad the holidays are over, so I can get back to moving forward with my career and general life plans. I also lost two people during the course of the year, and these events continue to sadden me to this day. Perhaps it is getting away from 2011 that allowed a wave of positivity to wash over me as the clock struck midnight to begin the brand new year.

Then, in just a matter of days, I received two reports from my family that seemed to happen all at once. The worst of these is that some of my maternal relatives were involved in a serious accident due to a collision with a truck. Thankfully they survived the gruesome accident, but my uncle will need major surgery on his hip in a few days, which is something he dreads considerably because he dislikes hospitals. I was shocked to discover that the incident happened early on New Year’s Day, which made me a little superstitious at first.
Will this be a nail-biting year too? I really cannot answer that question, since I don’t possess a crystal ball or any other mechanisms that would allow me to see into the future.

All I know is that 2012 started with a bang, figuratively and literally speaking.
So while I don’t claim to be superstitious by nature, I could not help but wonder what this year will be like in general, especially after such a disruptive accident. Hopefully it will just get better as time goes on. I sincerely hope so!

Are you looking forward to the days, weeks, and months ahead?

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