Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oscar Weekend!

The end of February is near, which means that most people are excited about being just a bit closer to spring. But what I'm excited about is Oscar weekend!

For the third year in a row, my sister and I are going to AMC's Best Picture Showcase. This means that for 24 hours this weekend, we'll be holed up at the AMC in Times Square, enjoying some of the best performances of 2011. The weekend will likely lack in comfort and convenience -- there's only so many popcorn refills you can handle in a 24-hour period and those theater seats don't even recline -- but I'm so excited about watching the films, talking to other movie-lovers, spending the weekend with my sis, and having an excuse to eat whoppers at 2am.

Having learned a bit from the last 2 years, I've already got a comfortable outfit picked out with plenty of layers (yoga pants, a tank, t-shirt, AND hoodie), a list of snacks to buy (peanuts M&Ms and granola bars), and my naptime movies picked out (the two I've already seen: Midnight in Paris and The Help).

The movie marathon ends around 11am on Sunday, giving us enough time to head home, shower, nap, and make some snacks to keep us going through the Oscars Sunday night. To make things even more fun this year, I'll probably be taking part in some live-tweeting or live-blogging on Oscar night, covering everything from the red carpet fashion to the tears, jeers, and cheers of the awards show.

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