Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweets Ban For Lent

Now that the Lenten season has begun, I have decided to give up sweets for the next forty days. That means ice cream, pastries, cake, candy and more. It is going to be hard, but I am determined to see it through. It is so easy to get a carbohydrate fix with all the readily available donut shops (a particular chain comes to mind, and one of those locations are near my apartment) but I am looking forward to resist the temptation. It will be good for me and probably help me change some dietary habits in the long run.

In the past, I have given up television, going to restaurants and getting take out, using cell phones and the Internet after 10 PM, shopping for non-essentials, and more. I have not given up anything for Lent in the last few years, but decided to resurrect the tradition this year to get ready for the rest of the year. I think I also just want to refresh my daily routine, and this is a good way to do it. I know that observing Lent in this way is considered religious practice, but for me it is more to do with my overall well-being.

Lent is similar to a spring cleaning of the soul, or at least I think so. It does feel like spring this winter anyway, but I will be glad when the weather has really warmed up so I do not have to wear a coat or jacket anymore.

Are any of you giving up anything for Lent?

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