Wednesday, March 28, 2012

U.S. Healthcare Today

Today is the last day the Supreme Court will hear arguments concerning President Obama’s healthcare plan. After today, the nine justices will determine whether or not the Congress went beyond their constitutional powers by requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance by 2014, or pay penalties. All I know is that something must be done to make insurance more accessible to those who are unemployed or do not have employers who provide health insurance for their part-time or full-time employees. An ideal situation would be that an individual can get their regular check-ups yearly for free, and then if further treatments and medications are needed they can be easily obtained, without causing personal financial ruin.

Doctors and other medical professionals in this country are mostly in league with insurance and pharmaceutical companies, championing allopathic methods and medications all the way; there should be a major overhaul in this complicit, self-serving relationship to include holistic healthcare. In short, the whole concept of healthcare should be about serving patients’ best interests, not just getting rich off of them. I do not begrudge successful medical professionals their fancy cars, nice vacations, and the money spent on all of their other expenses, but I would feel that these perks would be even sweeter when they have been obtained by being advocates for their patients’ preventative care and overall well-being, rather than just helping out after they are sick. I am I idealistic? Perhaps, but I make no apologies about it.

I am not a fan of certain aspects of President Obama’s health care plan. All I do know is that someone has to think about a better alternative and make it happen, because our current system is sorely lacking as well. What I do like about the plan is that it is about all Americans, regardless of their financial status and employment, or lack thereof. I look forward to hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling on the plan, so I will know how to proceed with my healthcare future.

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