Monday, May 21, 2012

37 Things I Love

I'm excited to announce that my new young adult novel, 37 THINGS I LOVE (in no particular order), is going to be available in bookstores tomorrow!

I've been very much looking forward to this book coming out. Here is a little bit about it:

Ellis only has four days of her sophomore year left, and summer is so close that she can almost taste it. But even with vacation just within reach, Ellis isn’t exactly relaxed. Her father has been in a coma for years, the result of a construction accident, and her already-fragile relationship with her mother is strained over whether or not to remove him from life support. Her best friend fails even to notice that anything is wrong and Ellis feels like her world is falling apart. But when all seems bleak, Ellis finds comfort in the most unexpected places.
Life goes on, but in those four fleeting days friends are lost and found, promises are made, and Ellis realizes that nothing will ever quite be the same.

The book has gotten several good reviews so far, including this, from Kirkus Reviews:
 "...another powerful outing from a rising star."
And this, from Publisher's Weekly:
“Magoon (Camo Girl) gently but unflinchingly explores difficult adolescent territory in this intelligent, affecting novel.”

And this, from the Horn Book:
"There is much to this slim book—coming of age, death, hope, love—and Ellis is a character to care about and cheer on for a long, long time." --Robin L. Smith

This is my third published novel, but experiencing a book's evolution from a wisp of an idea in my head to a full fledged hardcover book never gets old. I said, I'm very excited. I could certainly list 36 more reasons why....but I'll just let you read the book!

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