Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Battling The September Blues

Every year after Labor Day weekend, I usually feel somewhat let down. Summer is unofficially over, and soon the days will be shorter and colder. The school traffic across the street from my mother’s house takes over the area between 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, with unscrupulous drivers double parking and blocking driveways during these times. This shift from summer to fall is the most uncomfortable for me, but I do find different coping mechanisms that help me make the transition easier.

First, I always try to make time outdoors. The problem I face sometimes is when I go to work in the morning and leave in the late afternoon/evening hours, when the sun is set or on its way to setting for the day. This dampens my mood, as I am sure it does for others. So I always try to spend a little time outdoors, whether it means leaving earlier, or getting off the bus, train or subway a stop or two before my intended destination so I can take in a little sun on good weather days.

Exercise really does help get me going too. When I do exercise, I always feel elated for the rest of the day. It must be the endorphins that are released during physical activity, which I find generate positive feelings within me. I freely admit that making exercise a part of my daily routine is challenging, but when I do it really boosts my physical and emotional health.

Finally, I think my eating habits also help me deal with the change of seasons in a much more productive way. I find that buying local and seasonal produce more often assists me in getting used to the changes in the days and the weather from summer to fall. For example, if I find apples from Chile versus apples from Northeastern U.S., I will always choose those from the latter category.

How do you deal with the change in seasons?

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