Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Resolution & Intentions

To say that 2013 was an eventful year would be a gross understatement. I'm betting on 2014 being wonderful and magical! Instead of coming up with a resolution, or even a series of resolutions as I've done in the past, I made a list of several goals and intentions for the year. A lot of it, I've realized, has to do with putting myself first, being authentic, and loving myself fully.

Even in the first few days of the new year, I've already been challenged. Merely 24 hours into 2014, I was in bed with an ear infection. I whined a little, but I took it as an opportunity to take care of myself. I eased up on work, looked up home remedies, ate well, and spent most of the day at home.

Then, when my sister told me about the beauty cleanse she's doing, we started talking about detoxing, immunity shots, healthy drinks, etc. I had already been thinking about ways to be healthier, which seems much more feasible now that I won't be as nomadic. I don't usually concern myself with being healthier but both of my sisters are all about it, plus I'm in California, so it's been very present these last few weeks. I've had - and enjoyed - homemade almond milk, cooked - and mostly enjoyed - a vegetarian Christmas, tried - and enjoyed - raw food bars, and shopped exclusively at Whole Foods. My sisters aren't just into eating well, I also exfoliated with raw honey and turbinado sugar and used a natural clay mask, and let me tell you, it felt lovely. (The exfoliant tasted good, too!)

Okay, so all of this was happening and has been the topic of many conversations, and I decided today that my resolution/intention for the new year boils down to self-love and self-care. Put into language that holds me accountable every day, I will perform at least one act of self-love every day. This might seem like a tiny thing, but it's big for me.

I imagine that some [and then many, and then hopefully most] days will have more than one act of self-love, but I'll start with one.

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