Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's the Plan?

Every so often, I get into a groove at work that I become comfortable with. I'm on top of my daily tasks and all the surprises that pop up are hard to keep up with, but not impossible to handle.

It seems that right at those times, questions come up about the future. No matter who I talk to, they start asking about what's coming up next: How are your grad school plans coming along? Have you started pitching for a promotion or raise yet? Are you going to stay in that position forever -- shouldn't you start looking for something else? Somebody or other just took a year off to travel through Europe, wouldn't you love to do that?

It can be jarring when you're starting to settle down only to be plucked up again by your family, friends, and professional peers.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of looking ahead. In fact, I used to obsess about it constantly. I had one-year, five-year, and ten-year plans for my personal, academic and professional life. I have had a life list for almost as long as I've been living. I was the student in college who counted down the days until next semester's schedule was up so that I could create my schedule (and two back-up schedules, of course) before finals even started.

But I think all of that mania has become too exhausting for me. I still have lists and lists of one-year, five-year, and ten-year plans. I still have a life list that grows exponentially throughout the year. I simply don't stress out about them as much as I used to and am rather enjoying this new approach. I'm just as ambitious as ever, but now with a better mood.

So what do I say to people who keep asking me about plans I haven't... well... planned? Any thoughts?

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positively present said...

WOOHOO! Chicks Rock! I'm so glad I found your blog...it's awesome. :)

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