Monday, June 29, 2009

Overbooked and UnderBOOKed

I’m having the kind of week (month, year) when too much is going on that I’m interested in, and too much is going on that I’m required to do. Let alone the things I just think would be fun!

I’ve experienced stretches of time in the past where everything seems to fall into place. There’s time to work and play, time to attend meetings, time to cook and time to lie around. Well, now I’m sounding like that Byrds song... to everything there's a season... but you get the picture.

At this time, the many responsibilities that are calling my name have nothing to do with work. I’m an author, so my work schedule is up to me. I choose when I work and on what, which paying gigs I accept vs. the time I put toward future book projects that right now run on my own dime. But lately my problem is the opposite of the usual - too much LIFE getting in the way of my WORK. And it's not about self-discipline - I truly enjoy what I do.

I don’t like having to choose between things that often seem to be of equal importance, such as my work, my volunteer commitments, my family, my friends, myself. In a void, it’s easy to order these things, but in reality, nothing's so clear cut. Yes, economic realities have to be faced. So is work always first? No one can responsibly skip work on a regular basis to hang out with friends or take a desired vacation. Sure. But what about that old adage that says “No one on their deathbed ever wished they’d worked more?” There’s great value in building relationships and taking time for oneself, right?

We’ve all posted before about things like time management and prioritization, and finding ways to relax and make time for others. I suppose what I’m talking about involves all of those things. Certainly the stress I’m feeling today is not at all new, or unique.

So... has anyone hit upon the magic formula yet? How do I get myself un-booked and back to my books?

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