Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Joys of June

I am always happy when the month of June comes around. For me, it marks the beginning of summer, more gorgeous weather and sunshine, outdoor events and more travel opportunities, and an overall more optimistic time of the year. It also reminds me that half of the year is almost complete, so I have a tendency to think back on what the earlier months have been like for me, those close to me, and in the world in general. I make tentative plans for the rest of year, and work towards achieving some of my goals while attempting to enjoy the present at the same time. It is a tricky balance act I haven’t mastered yet, but which I hope to do someday, if possible. It may not seem particularly joyful to be in this transitional state, but I often find myself thrilled by the fact that I don’t know what will happen. Yes, June just might be might be my favorite month of the year.

I am looking forward to a myriad of events in New York City and beyond this summer, with June being the starting point. With my new and improved eyes, I am planning to see some of Europe (hopefully), explore more of the Big Apple on foot, brush up on my rusty French, and to write about my experiences as faithfully as possible. As a book lover, I am also looking forward to two summer book clubs this year, one of them being TWM’s Summer Book Club. Summer and new books have always been a good combination for me, so I am looking forward to reading and discussing themes with other interested bibliophiles this summer, starting this month.

What are your summer plans? Do they begin in June or later in the season?


Kekla Magoon said...

I like June because it's my birthday month! Also, it still magically represents the end of the year to me, a throwback to school days!

I'm also looking forward to the book club, and hopefully some travel as well. Domestic. No international for me, at least not this year.

Original Designer Woman said...

I love June because well my BIRTHDAY is in it! But besides that I am looking forward to some wonderful networking events and we celebrate New York Women in Communications new fiscal year!

June is a half way point for those who set goals in January and I have set many goals and accomplished many of them, I am happy to turn 26 years old in just a few short days so I can't complain!

June celebrates accomplishments all around! Proms, Grads and more so hey let's all embrace it!

Zanade Mann

Pauline Karakat said...

Happy Birthday Kekla and Zanade! I am not an astrology fanatic, but I do find it interesting that I get along with many people born in June. Have a great month!

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