Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Under Pressure

I announced a while back that I'm traveling to Europe this fall, and the month is finally here! The countdown for my trip has gone from months to weeks, and I'm starting to feel the pressure. Because this trip is being planned at the same time as my move, and in the midst of the busiest time at my job, my to do list is growing every day.

One thing I've noticed is that people are very eager to share their travel tips if they've been to Europe. Any time I've mentioned to somebody that I'm traveling, they start asking me where I'm going, what my plans are, where I'm staying, and so forth. They tell me about their trips to Europe, their favorite touristy spots, their favorite local spots, what and where to eat, how much to pack, the list goes on and on. Before you know it, I have enough travel advice to start a travel blog. (But I won't, because then my to do list would surely never lessen...)

So the time has come to stop procrastinating and start prioritizing. I need to figure out my packing list, buy everything I need, firm up my budget, solidify my itinerary, and make sure my travel companions have some idea of what they're doing in Europe.

Even with all this anxiety, I keep picturing in my head how much fun the trip will be. Even when it rains, even when all of us start fighting, even if something goes awry, I know that the trip will be rewarding and that I'll have a great time.

Now all I have to do is actually lay out what I need to make that happen...

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