Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Being Drastic, Being Free

I hear the word “freedom” all the time, and, like many, my first thoughts are events such as the successful Indian independence movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the end of World War II, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and other well-known events that have happened (and continue to happen) all over the world. I also know that pursuit of freedom manifests itself on a much smaller, personal scale in people’s lives. Examples of these include ending a “terminally ill” relationship, moving out of your childhood home and finally living as an adult, and quitting a dead-end job to start working in a career that you love. My own pursuit of freedom has been a continuous struggle with indecisiveness and frustration, but these dark clouds have been lifting. Why? I have decided to take drastic steps to make my declaration of independence imminent.

Working from my parents’ home is like climbing a slippery slope: I have a list of tasks to accomplish every day, but there are always too many distractions that make completing them impossible. Friends and other family members have complained to me about similar feelings of mental stagnation, making them less productive when they are living, working, or just visiting their childhood homes. Many may not have that problem, but I know myself; to realize my pursuit of personal freedom, I must move out of my current residence as soon as possible.

How will I make it happen? Some family friends have offered their place in New England and a teaching job at a private school as a temporary solution. I also have a few opportunities to teach abroad, which I will consider after I return from India at the end of February. My months of self-imposed exile are coming to an end, thanks to deep introspection and serious conversations with people I love. I may struggle much more than I planned to, but I know that it will be for a short duration if I take a deep breath and jump.

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