Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Give From the Heart

It’s understandable why most people have forgotten the origins of St. Valentine’s Day. Today, the overwhelming commercialism of the holiday eclipses everything, and the beleaguered public pays the price. I say this because I have witnessed people standing on long lines outside of florist shops and small markets that sell flowers on Valentine’s Day with annoyed or anxious looks on their faces. I remember walking by one of these lines and hearing someone say to the person in front of him that he could not go home to his wife without buying anything for her. The way he expressed himself started me thinking about how important it is to give from your heart. I would not want to receive a gift from someone who felt pressured to buy it. The act of giving should be sincere, and performed with joy; if not then it’s a waste of time.

All relationships require maintenance and sincerity, but those that center on romantic love and intimacy (physical and emotional) need both the most. Why? Because we can live away from family and friends for long periods of time, and keep in touch with them periodically, but that just isn't enough for those in a committed relationship. Couples who live in close proximity of one another often complain about how difficult it is to make time for their relationships, so those living apart need to work much harder to sustain the bonds. And I say that anyone in a serious relationship shouldn't’t wait until Valentine’s Day and their anniversaries to honor and celebrate their relationships; making the time for one another on a daily or weekly basis means so much more than occasional grand gestures-at least it does to me.

So don’t be like the grumbling guy I overheard on that Valentine’s Day of yesteryear! Give from your hearts, as often and as much as you can.

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