Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Still Unfazed, Solo Traveler

As I was mentioning last week, the last few months have been a bit hectic for me. That full body massage was a great treat, but what I've really been needing is a vacation. Thankfully, the two I have scheduled over the next couple of months are finally upon me.

First stop: Vegas.

After all the back and forth, it turns out that I'll be alone for most of the time. I know what you're thinking, "Alone? In Vegas?" This is the reaction I've been getting from pretty much everybody, and still... I remain unfazed. It was when my friends started to feel sorry for me and say things like "well, it should be an interesting experience to travel alone" that I realized I do this all the time.

Seattle? Alone. Indiana? Alone. Mississippi? Sort of alone.

If anything, I was actually excited that I would be alone because there'd be nothing to distract me from my goal of relaxation. I would be less tempted to go out and spend a ton of money on dinners and booze. There'd be nobody encouraging me to pull down the level at a slot machine. It'd just be me, the hot sun, my eReader, and my laptop. Heck, even not going out every night is actually a blessing because I'll get a chance to catch up on my writing, something I've been too busy to do for the past couple of months.

My next stop is California, and that will also be a chill trip. I'm driving from LA to San Francisco with a friend of mine, hitting up the beaches and beautiful scenery and greenery along the way. It'll be the first time we spend that much time together since our trip to Europe in junior high school, but I think we'll be fine.

So it's funny the way things work out. I wanted to change my pace and mellow out for a bit, which at first seemed like the opposite of these trips, but it looks like I'm still going to get what I need.

Are you looking forward to any upcoming vacations?

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