Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That?

As I've mentioned before, there aren't many brands I really love, but for the select few, the loyalty's strong. So when Old Navy invited customers to join what they called their "style council," I jumped at the chance.

To sign up, I had to join a site called Crowdtap, which is basically social media meets market research. You already know how much I love trying out new social media platforms. Some I tire of quickly, but others hook me, and that's what happened with Crowdtap.

The way it works is you give feedback to brands in exchange for the opportunity to try products firsthand. You also earn money for a charity of your choice and for yourself, which you use at Amazon.com. I haven't cashed out yet, but the countless hours I've spent answering questions and commenting in discussions have not been in vain: I've got a cute Old Navy dress and some snazzy accessories to show for it. And did I mention my friends also got free goodies? Fun for everyone!

It's basically a combination of all the things I love: social media, free stuff, and philanthropy. Why didn't I think of this?

The more time I spend on this site, the more I contemplate on the random ideas we have that we quickly dismiss. What is it that makes some people develop those ideas into something real? Obviously, not all of them end up a success, but certainly an idea you don't act on doesn't have a chance to succeed.

I guess because this is one of the few times I genuinely thought "I could've done this," I'm now more aware of these half-baked ideas. I've decided that from now on when my friends or I think of something like this, I'll make note of it and give it serious consideration. They say that if you follow your passion, that's when you'll really find success, right? So, who knows, maybe one of our wacky ideas will be the next Facebook.

Do you ever have ideas like this? Do you act on any of them?

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