Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Investing In The Future

I have always known that saving for the future is important, but I have only recently started to understand what it takes to do it right. As we slowly move out of the Great Recession, I am aware more than ever than making sound and stable investments are the best way to go. Does anyone really stash cash under their mattresses anymore? More power to those who do, but I would rather not worry about the potential for burglary, fire, or worse. Sure, the world of stocks and trading can be compared to the “Wild West,” but with self-education and the right guides, I have discovered people who have survived and even flourished during the worst of economic times.

I am no gambler. Sure, I would not mind striking it rich someday, but with dizzying highs come incredible lows, so if I ever do, I will want to maintain financial security more than anything else. A hot company now will not necessarily be so in a few years. I am more interested in companies that have proven longevity, and I would also like to believe in their practices and overall business model. I have lost some respect in Apple these days, as I suspect have many others, due to its poor and even scandalous working conditions in China. It may sound unrealistic, but I do not care: I would love to see a number of American companies with significant numbers of American workers with ethical business practices make positive impacts in the global economy, and have many more Americans invest in them. It could happen, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

All I know is that I refuse to shy away from money and remaining financially ignorant any more. I will never be an expert, but I will also not be accused of criticizing a system I know little about. Knowledge is power, and I just want more of it. I look forward to improving my financial education, so I will be more prepared for an uncertain future.

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