Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year... Now What?

In the middle of remembering to write 2009 rather than 2008 on checks and other correspondence, I can’t help thinking about past transitions from one year to the next. I start each year with different plans and hopes, some a bit fanciful, others more realistic and yet still challenging to achieve. Last year, I was looking forward to my trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru and getting a job so I wouldn’t be broke after the fact. A year later, I have fond memories of the trip and I am working, which is a blessing in the current economic situation we are living with now. Now that 2009 is here, I hope to make meaningful decisions that will ensure lasting success in my professional life. Whether I remain in publishing, go into teaching, or get into public service is still not certain, but I hope I can look back at 2009 with a sense of accomplishment in this aspect of my life.

I am also committed to getting healthy this year. While I have no desire to become “super skinny,” I am aware my family history of heart disease and diabetes puts me at risk. This past Christmas made me realize how important regular exercise and a consistent healthy diet really are. I discovered that just cutting out soda, sugary drinks, and junk food is not enough for me; I have to eat smaller food portions, and exercise every day. My sluggish metabolism has bothered me in the past, but it took a few random moments this past holiday season to really motivate me to do something about it. I am happy to say that I am sticking to a fitness regime and diet that seems to be working for me.

These aren’t really resolutions. I personally feel that calling them by that name subconsciously makes me less likely to follow through with them. I would rather call them plans or projects, because I am one myself... I am a work-in-progress, and always will be.

What are your plans/projects for 2009?


Original Designer Woman said...

Hey Pauline!

I wish you much success on your new health plan.. but might I add that while you eat smaller portions of food make sure you are consuming more servings of food throughout the day! So don't just have 3 smaller meals have 6 smaller meals or else you will find yourself supper skinny and starving!

One thing that I notice many woman do during the new year is set unrealistic goals especially with their diets... they go crazy and cut out sodas and almost go vegan and by March it fails.. it's sad but true. So be wise in your goals ladies!

what I plan to launch is Designing Women Inc. in the upcoming months...

Designing Women is a business of products and services exclusively designed for the optimistic woman in you! Through social media and networking, beauty products and more we will Re-Design Women in 2009!

So please look out for that and much more from The Pink Polka Dot Organization!

Zanade Mann

Anonymous said...

This year, I plan to learn sign language. I also want to finish revising my novel to the point where I would think about publishing it.

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