Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If These Walls Could Talk

I consider myself to be quite the homebody. I can spend hours, probably days, completely alone and at home and find countless ways to keep myself entertained. I can watch movies, read blogs, make life lists, catch up on work, clean, and about a hundred other things endlessly and be perfectly happy that way. I grew up sharing a room with two younger sisters and my family has no qualms about opening doors without knocking, so I think at first I just reveled in peaceful time by myself.

But as this year began, I realized that 2008 was quite uneventful for me. A bit too uneventful, perhaps. I had spent so much quiet time alone and at home, that I'd moved from homebody to hermit.

It has especially struck me these past couple of weekends. Once my guy is out with his friends and the apartment is silent, I suddenly feel I should be doing something, anything, as long as it's out of my living room. He keeps telling me to go out with my friends, but I don't much like the club-hopping scene. The only other friends I have who don't like partying are also homebodies. What to do?

We've been trying to come up with fun, cheap activities that we can do together, but nothing has stuck yet. We wanted to learn how to knit, but don't have anybody to teach us. We wanted to start cooking for each other, but none of us has regular access to a car and we live far from one another. Bowling, karaoke and off-broadway shows were also thrown around, but we're all in serious debt and depending on how often we do this, those small outings would add up quickly. So, that's about as far as our brainstorming got.

But life is short! My window can only show me so much of the outside world and my walls have stopped responding to my attempts at conversation.

Can anybody else relate to needing a change of scenery? Where do you go when you're in a funk?



Hi! When my friends and I are strapped for cash but still want to do something fun for the night, we usually go play bingo! The Bowery Poetry Club has a bingo nite on Mondays. Each card is only $2 and it's always fun to win prizes! -Bridget

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Also...Whenever I need to get a little space, I usually go for a walk. Walking around a city is great because of the people-watching and is also a good way to learn more about the neighborhood's stores, restaurants, and general community. Maybe you'll pass by a great shop that catches your eye! -Bridget

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