Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Inconvenient Detox

I just began a detox program, which requires me to take herbal supplements and to avoid sweets, tomatoes, seafood, and a number of other foods that have been staples in my diet up to this point. My reasons for doing it are many, but one of them is to make an effort to change bad habits, which we all know are hard to break. The detox puts many things into perspective for me; I can’t make thoughtless decisions about what, where, and when I should eat, or when to exercise. It is forcing me to approach my daily routines as a series of purposeful decisions, which will hopefully bring forth positive, long-term changes in my life.

The detox will also alter my after-work plans for the next few months. I also plan to bring my lunch to work instead of going out to buy it everyday. This early in my detox, I realize how much of an emotional challenge it will be (even more so than physical) to stick with my new regimen. There are birthdays and other celebrations coming up that will make saying no to cake, and other delicious distractions, extremely difficult. I may even annoy friends and family with my detox, but I can’t worry about what they think. This course of action is the right one for me.

A man working at my local vitamin supplement store told me that once I get through the first week of detox, my habits will change, and I will be less likely to go back to the way things were. While I will never say never when it comes to ice cream, chocolate, pizza and sushi after this period of cleansing is over, I have a feeling I may limit my intake of these and other favorites as a result. It is liberating in a way, because my habits (especially a bad one like my clutter issue) are like prisons of my own making. They may be easy to get into, but they are almost impossible to break out of.

Do you have any diet/detox stories to share?

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the Detox thingy. After reading about it, I felt like doing it as well.. But mind u, dont loose ur critical thinking skills while doing it . If u aren't comfortable with something, u have a right to question it .

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