Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My In-Between Schedule

Something happens to people when they find themselves between paying jobs. Some of us instantly jump into action to find another position by posting and sending a resume to everyone we know, and attending networking functions. Others need structure and the appropriate motivation to find out what is next for us, because despair is a serious roadblock on the road to employment, especially during the current recession. I believe that difficult times like these come to us as human beings to test us. It is a psychological "survival of the fittest" that scares us all, but we can rise above fear to explore options never considered under normal circumstances.

I consider myself one of those people who can think "outside the box" now that I am in the crossroads of my life and career possibilities. I see many roads ahead of me, so I am preparing myself before choosing which one to take. One way I do this is by establishing something many of us take for granted: a daily schedule.

I find that if I adhere to some sort of daily routine, I am far more productive. Waking up everyday by at least 6:30 AM is one way to get me motivated to complete various tasks and just enjoy more of the day. Instead of being chained to my laptop everyday for hours, I make sure to go to libraries for a change of scenery. It is important to diversify your tasks and surroundings on a daily basis when you are in between jobs, because it is easy to become complacent when one day is like all the other days before it.

There are pitfalls to a schedule that I am very familiar with. If it is too strict and doesn't take into account the unexpected, it can easily fall apart. If you just have some sort of schedule in place and make an effort to follow through with it, life is much more manageable.

Do you have a personal schedule that works for you?

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