Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrate Women

Earlier this week, The Women's Mosaic turned 9! The very first gathering was a Chinese New Year celebration on January 24, 2001. Since then, TWM has offered over 90 unique activities and events to educate, inspire and motivate women to rise up and rock the world, thanks to the support of TWM Members. Another great TWM program you're all familiar with is this blog, CHICKS ROCK!

Because TWM is a non-profit, receiving monetary support is the best way to sustain our efforts. By becoming a TWM Member, you can contribute to offering women of every background countless opportunities to connect to themselves, each other and the world around them.

In addition to feeling great about helping other women, becoming a TWM Member has benefits of its own. For starters, members receive discounts at TWM events and invites to TWM's Members-Only events. As an added perk, members also receive special offers from partners throughout the year. This past year, offers included discounts at various stores, discounts on gym memberships and trial passes, and tickets to a comedy show.

To join, simply visit TWM's Membership Page.

We truly appreciate your recognition of The Women's Mosaic as a vehicle for you and other women to enrich your world and the world around you. Thank you in advance for your support, as we would not be able to exist without it!

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