Monday, January 11, 2010

On Again. Off Again. On Again?

I'm currently in possession of a lovely, warm, hand-knit scarf, which I...err...borrowed from my parents' closet while I was at home over the holidays. Every time I've wrapped it on since then, I think about taking up knitting again.

I do know how to knit--the basics, at least. I have a backpack full of yarn wasting away in the corner of my apartment, leftover from the last couple of times I've gotten enthused about this idea. There's a lot I like about knitting: it's simple and soothing, and it gives me something productive to do while watching TV or listening to music. (I never quite got the hang of knitting on the go.)

The problem is, I don't really have the patience or the passion for knitting. At least, not for the long haul of a truly cool project, like an afghan or a fluffy sweater. I can make it through a hat or a scarf all right, but beyond that, I tend to stall early. My yarn backpack is littered with old projects still resting on their needles, stuck in the beginning stages of whatever ambitious thing I set my sights on...and promptly forgot about.

I'm not sure there's any harm in trying again, though. I already have the supplies, so I'm not making a huge investment in something that may or may not pay off. Maybe knitting is somewhat like writing: sometimes you have to put your head down and power through, while other times it's okay to sit back and wait for the right mood or inspiration to strike in order to make any progress. Today I'm feeling a little bit inspired!

Do you have any on-again, off-again projects or habits?

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