Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Forum: Trip Down Memory Lane

With stay-cations being the rage, and no major holidays coming up, chances are that many of us are staying put for a bit. But that doesn't mean we can't take a trip down memory lane.

We want to know about the best trip you've ever taken. Where did you go? What did you do? Why is it your favorite?



My best trip was to impulsively follow my friend home for the weekend. We were both studying together in Berlin and he needed to go back to Warsaw, Poland to take a test for his university. We took local trains and stayed with his grandparents and parents. It was an incredible trip because the Polish people I met were so overwhelmingly kind, compassionate, and interesting. They had lived through such hardships and still had resilient, powerful spirits. They were so engaging and friendly, welcoming me into their homes as if I was their own daughter. I've never met people so deeply sincere to a stranger like myself. It was an incredibly heart warming experience that reminds me that an open mind and heart can overcome any language/cultural barrier.

Pauline Karakat said...

The most amazing trip I took was one I had while living in Indonesia. I was teaching English just outside of Jakarta, and a friend of mine invited me on a trip to Southwestern Java. Even though the trip ended badly (the van I was in flipped over and crashed on our way back to the city), the time before the accident was great because I was the only American in a group of Indonesians. I actually felt comfortable with them, and I didn't feel like a "tourist" as we visited forests, waterfalls, beaches, caves filled with bats, and other historical and natural places of interest. Even after the accident, I was amazed at the positive energy that radiated from everyone in our group while we drove almost eight hours back to Jakarta with the injured. It really was a life-changing experience.

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