Thursday, June 24, 2010

Link Love for 6/24

It's been a while since our last link love round-up, so here's some of the great stuff we've been reading online.

Girl w/Pen does a great job of addressing some of the concerns raised about how feminism affects the family.

Global Sister celebrated Father's Day with a piece about the incredible men who stand up as advocates for women.

In Good Company has an interesting post about whether or not having a safety net makes a new business real (the discussion can apply to other areas of life).

Lindsey Pollak's blog features a guest post exploring the jobs that matter for millennials.

One Writeous Chicks delved into the power that fear can have to spring you into action.

Savvy Ladies wants you to have some financial foreplay - getting to know your partner's money, matters.

Be sure to check out these links and leave a link to what you've been reading or writing in the comments.

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