Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Vision Board Is the Anchor to My Ship

CHICKS ROCK! is happy to welcome Vicki as a guest blogger this week.

Vicki Salemi is the author of Big Career in the Big City and The ABC’s of College Life, sassy freelance writer covering careers and lifestyle topics, dynamic public speaker, and die-hard Yankees fan!

When I attended TWM’s Visioning Workshop in March, I knew I was going to create a vibrant board but what I didn’t know at the time was how much power it would ultimately yield.

You know how life has a funny way of working, when you dive deep into your subconscious to find out what’s truly going on? Through Kristina’s guidance and innovative exercises, my board became a reflection of my goals and desires with my writing career (my second book, Big Career in the Big City, was published this spring), health and fitness goals (who knew I’d find broccoli so sexy?), personal goals, and the strong women I view as role models.

Well, five months have passed and I’ve already had three major A-HA moments, so intense that I literally stare at my vision board on my bedroom wall more than once a day (there are so many colorful, friendly images on it) to see what juicy happenings will leap off my wall and into my life! It's a refreshing way to begin the day as well as end it. (Another take-away was reminding myself that not everything fit onto the board. There were additional images in my pile that simply didn't fit, there's only so much room – symbolic for not being part of my goals and priorities.)

For my entertainment reporting, my critic’s quote for Sex and the City 2 appeared in print ads across the country, The New York Times, and television ads. Exciting! It wasn’t until I saw it on tv with Sarah Jessica Parker and my quote, “Fun and Fabulous” right beneath her feet did it hit me. SJP takes front and center on my vision board and the very same word graces her feet in the magazine cut-out with purple font: FABULOUS.

The next entertainment gig involved interviewing the Oscar-winning director for an HBO film featuring Ron Galella, pioneer paparazzi most known for his photos of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Take one simple guess who is standing next to SJP on my board. That’s right: Jackie O.

And last but not least, I didn’t know it back in March when it was a figment of my imagination but I know it now: I’m going on a work-related trip to Sicily, my heritage, in September! And yes, there is a small map in the left-hand corner featuring Sicily. Get this -- all of the destinations for my trip are included in that tiny map. The map represents the itinerary that I didn’t even plan!

I’m at the point where I don’t think it’s a coincidence, nor do I think it’s freaky (though I was freaked out at first). Now, I expect amazing things that continue to occur and reflect images on that board. Suffice it to say, my vision board comes to life in ways I couldn’t even imagine! I expect the magic to keep on comin' as I remain open to the possibilities. Paging Dr. McDreamy...

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