Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Happens Next?

With the month of August coming to a close, the reality that summer is coming to an end and that the year will be ending sooner than we know it has hit me. What else do I have to get done before 2010 comes to a close? Can I get another trip in before New Year’s Eve? What professional and personal goals do I have left to accomplish?

I have been back and forth about moving abroad to teach English again if my professional plans in the United States don’t work out this year, and it is looking like it is going to happen. I find myself in an interesting spot because I accepted one of the first positions I applied for overseas and went for it without much hesitation, but now I feel a little more cautious then I used to. I am still determined to make a decision in the next few months about where I will end up…all before the end of 2010. I think it has to do with me breaking the cycle of making safe decisions that will not challenge me enough and leave me in limbo.

At the same time, I actually have contentment in my daily life. I don’t believe in despair. I have goals I want to accomplish and I am willing to do the work to make them happen, but I am generally not a “glass half empty” person. I smile and even laugh at things every day, because I know that each day is a gift. It is good to be alive, and to sometimes not know what will happen next. I think this uncertainty makes life interesting.

Do you like not knowing what is going to happen next, or is it just too frustrating?

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