Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Resolution Check-In

A few weeks ago, Pauline updated us on her summer resolutions. It reminded me that I hadn’t updated you all on my own resolutions in a few months.

If you recall, I decided to take a new approach this year: instead of making one resolution for the whole year that I forget about and fail on, I decided to make quarterly goals. Every three months, I pick a new part of my life to focus on and make a mini-resolution. First, I zeroed in on health and fitness, and then I tried setting up travel plans but went back to health and fitness after a downward spiral back to where I was.

I did okay bringing the focus back to my health goals – I had spurts of near-obsessive gym activity and I’ve been eating much better in general. But I also had some long breaks from the gym and one too many birthday celebrations in the past month set me back again.

I also made a summer goal of spending more time with friends. I’m happy to say I'm completely winning on that front! I’ve spent time with friends I haven’t seen in ages, I have a weekly date with one of my good friends, and those birthday celebrations that messed up my fitness goals did give me a chance to meet cool people.

In the next few days, I’m starting a new workout routine. It also turns out that a few opportunities to travel are starting to line up. I love how things are coming together even when I put them on the backburner for a while!

I’m still not sure what my final resolution will be for the year, but I still have a couple of months to decide. Any ideas?

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