Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pulling the Plug

I've noticed over the years that while I really love TV, I don't watch it nearly as often as other people seem to. There are a few shows that I simply can't miss, but it's usually because I'm recapping it and not so much because it's just that crucial. In fact, I've had entire seasons of my favorite shows pass me by. Last year, for example, I barely watched True Blood or Burn Notice, so I had to catch up before I started my recaps and roundtables for this season.

Because of this, I have seriously considered getting rid of cable. It's incredible how expensive it is, especially living in NYC where so many other expenses add up just as quickly. With Hulu and various network websites offering this content for free, it does seem a bit of a waste. Not to mention that I don't spend much time at home anyway, so I'm always missing the shows when they air. Thank goodness for DVR... which, by the way, makes it even pricier.

I know other people who don't even have televisions, and they seem okay.

Well, except when they have to come over to my place to take advantage of my cable and DVR. Those are the only moments when I realize how great it is to have it, the moments when it becomes more about spending time together watching something we love rather than simply watching something for the sake of watching it. In fact, my weekly date night with a friend is planned around what shows she needs to catch up on. We cook a yummy dinner, break out a couple of bottles of wine, and sit in front of the tube to enjoy.

As you can see, this is something I go back and forth with quite a bit. It's possible that I'll get fed up one day and just do it already. But probably not while I'm still writing recaps all over or hosting weekly dinner dates.

Do you own a TV? Have you taken the plunge and gotten rid of cable?

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