Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Growing With TWM

Straight out of college, my first internship was with The Women's Mosaic. I was thrown right into an event -- the summer fundraiser -- setting up, meeting people, putting out any fires that started, etc. It was intense and a bit overwhelming, but I felt the connection immediately. The energy, mission, and commitment were just what I needed, and I never looked back.

My role has changed over the years as my interests and as the skills I want to work on have changed. I've planned events, assisted with grants, and designed CHICKS ROCK! as a way of reaching more women and staying connected with the women who already know the great work TWM does. Some people wonder how it is that I've been able to do so many different things in my time here, and it's all because of Kristina.

True to the mission and vision of TWM, Kristina's primary goal has always been to make sure that I'm growing personally and professionally by helping TWM. She would often check in with me to ask me about my career goals and let me know what project I could take on next to get me started on reaching those goals. It's this encouragement and the need to put us first that keeps me around. No matter what, I know that Kristina and the women of TWM are looking out for me.

Even if I do end up moving, I can't imagine disconnecting from TWM, so it's a good thing I'll still have CHICKS ROCK! and other online outlets to turn to. I've become part of this community and wouldn't be able to leave it behind so easily. Heck, I'd probably seek out other women looking for personal growth, empowerment, and a ways to connect with other cultures, bring them together, and introduce them to the organization that's been pushing me forward for all these years.

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