Monday, January 31, 2011

A Changing Vision

I'm still excited about marking the TWM 10th Anniversary! Since there's a Visioning Workshop coming up this Saturday, I thought it'd good to look back over my past collages. I discovered Visioning about six years ago, so I have nearly twelve collages posted on my office walls.

Each collage speaks of a moment in my life; they are little snapshots of what I happened to be going through at the time I made them. Each evokes different emotions when I look at it. Some still feel resonant, like there is unfinished business within the images, while others feel more settled, like pieces of the past, old photographs.

I find recurring themes that crop up over and over: close-ups of hands making things, strong female images, peacocks, winding roads, leafless trees. One thing that strikes me is the sheer volume of images, and all the potential meanings each piece of each collage could hold for me. It could become overwhelming, but instead I feel a sense of calm, of richness, of bounty.

I don't believe that images have inherent power, but that their significance comes from interpretation, which means that plentiful feeling must originate inside of me. I cannot be all the things I ever dreamed, but seeing the possibilities all laid out in front of me helps me realize that the cream does rise to the top, and I am living the life I am meant to, day by day.

If you've never done a vision board with TWM, now is a good time to try it!

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