Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Haitian News Coverage Subsided

It is the one year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake, and I look back at the past year since it occurred and feel dismayed. It is obvious that the news media slacked off on its intense coverage of the aftermath of the disaster after the early months of 2010, which I understand to a certain extent. After all, the continuous reports of squalor, corruption, crime, preventable illnesses and death were and continue to be overwhelming. The news was and still is pessimistic; there was so much money and other supplies gathered for earthquake relief, but too many in high-level positions have prevented and misused those donations from being used to help those who are really need for a variety of reasons.

New tragedies and controversies also began to dominate the airwaves, and many of us began to forget how bad it was and still in Haiti. The events like the BP oil spill and the trapped Chilean miners stuck in perilous living conditions made me realize how we as human beings revel in tragedy to an extent, but eventually we want the hero(es) to save the day and resolve the situations. The villains need to be defeated; there must be a finish line. Of course, in the case of the Haitian earthquake aftermath, there is no foreseeable end to the devastation that continues to wreak havoc on the survivors. There are few heroes and too many bad guys out there, which is beyond frustrating to me and to many of my friends and family members. The “beginning, middle and end” situation is taking too much time for most of us, and I for one can admit this freely.

One year later, I make it a point not to forget the enormity of the natural catastrophe and devastating aftermath. Any bits and pieces I hear on the news about Haiti makes me remember and reflect without getting too morbid about it. I remain hopeful that all will turn out well---eventually.

What are your thoughts on the year of news coverage about the Haitian earthquake and its aftermath?

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