Monday, April 4, 2011

I Can See Clearly

I participated in The Women's Mosaic Visioning Workshop again this weekend. I've posted several times before about my participation in this semi-annual workshop, and as usual it was a unique and valuable experience.

When I explored my collage history recently, I observed several trends and common themes that extended from one piece to another, but I also noticed an increase in focus with each finished collage. My early collages were an almost indecipherable collection of images, individually meaningful, but not always adding up to a clear picture of anything on the whole. This result always seemed fitting to me, as my life at each of those moments was muddled in a variety of ways. Who am I? What is my place in the world? I grapple with these questions, and sometimes it seems like there could be more than one answer. Sorting out the mess of my thoughts hasn't always been easy, but I keep on trying.

This weekend's collage painted a more cohesive picture, at least in my mind. I could see my life (at least for the immediate future) stretching before me in a very pleasing way. Surprisingly, too, I could see how far I've come in the few years since I started attending the Visioning Workshop so faithfully. Granted, the workshop itself is merely a tool in self-exploration and discovery, merely one piece of a larger process of my evolving sense of self. But a meaningful one, one that leaves me with a snapshot of my hopes and aspirations so that when I look back in the coming months and years I can remember that one day, for just one moment, everything seemed possible.

Have you ever had a moment like that, when the clouds part and suddenly the sky above seems clear? What was that moment for you?

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